Rumors about CSA EoS/EoL Print
Written by Alexei Spirin   
Thursday, 12 November 2009 08:16

During last month I've heard some rumors that Cisco Security Agent is going to be dropped and end-of-sale is going to be announced in a near future. Personally I was expecting things like that because the CSA's development pace is rather slow. And I'm saying that in a polite way :). They even don't get CSA compatible with 64-bit platforms during last several years. Some sources says there will be a new great product that will replace CSA in an year or two. Anyway I've tried to find out the truth and I have some non-official statements to declare :)

First of all, the CSA development will continue and we are expecting a new version which, among with some other features, will be compatible with x64. Second, there won't be EoS announcement for at least an year. Third, about new product, CSA future plans etc. - "no comments" :).

By the way, I have very close, I would say intimate relations with CSA not only because we have a pretty big installed base among our customers but because I've spent a lot of time tuning and configuring CSA for, let's face it, "personal needs". I have CSA installed at all of my Windows computers at work and at home. God, I even planned to write a book about CSA. When I first saw it several years ago I was stroke by the flexibility it brought in endpoint control and protection. CSA is very very very flexible but as I once said CSA is the most complicated Cisco product in terms of configuration. It's like playing chess - not easy at first, but when you managed to learn it, it gives you a real joy. There are some functional drawbacks also but nonetheless I will be missing CSA if EoS happens.

Accidentally, I found a wonderful post at about those rumors. Read it with comments. I wouldn't say more.

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