New job, same pleasure, more cisco Print
Written by Alexei Spirin   
Friday, 09 July 2010 22:01

I'm still in a cisco world, what a wonder. My way was out of cisco's orbit for a while (IT security stuff, you know) but now I'm back on track and doing well. I changed my job a couple of month ago and you know what? It is such a pleasure to do a work that you know, you love and you are best in.

I've bumped into the IP telephony. It's almost a completely new area for me with all its shiny, ringing glory and gloomy reputation.

Although I have known basic concepts and high-level architecture for most of my career I have never had a chance to dive into it deep enough to find a joy in a process and in a result.But I've seen enough co-workers scratching their heads trying to understand "why it isn't ringing?". But actually, my first impression is quite good. I'm really impressed by the stability of CUCM I'm in charge of. I have two as a legacy from previous IT-team. Five to install! ;). I've configured already a CCME on 2911 with 15.0 software and although it took some time the process was pretty straightforward (RTFM!). I have to say that all my previous experience in a Backbone and Security areas is a great help. It's almost always a "first-guess troubleshooting" when something isn't ringing.

So, let's find out all the depths of all deepest places of IPT together :)

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