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Catalyst 6500 Architecture PDF Print E-mail
Written by Alexei Spirin   
Sunday, 10 February 2008 22:06

Last Friday, wandering on the CCO, I found wonderful white paper on Catalyst 6500 architecture. It seems that document is pretty fresh, at least it was made (or updated) at late December of '07. Document describes all hardware aspects of 6500's and it's definitely worth to read if you want to know more about what PFC, DFC, MSFC cards are.

Quick TOC:
Power Supplies
PFC cards
Line Cards
More about Arhitecture (all kind of cards)
"Day in the Life of a Packet" story

P.S. Ok, ok! I know that everything is on the CCO. But sometimes you do not even have enough time for search. Saved on the Links page

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