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UC: CUCM initial implementation configuration PDF Print E-mail
Written by Alexei Spirin   
Friday, 28 December 2012 13:33
Cisco CUCM Initial configuration checklist
1) Prepare to launch
Find PAKs and get licenses for all servers (Publisher MC address used)
Download and burn patches (iso)
download phone firmware (if you need newer than bundled with CUCM)

DHCP range for IP-phones on switches
Cluster security password
Hostname and IP-address
Patch exists and downloaded
Admin name/password
Application Username and Password
<2hrs installation time>

3)INITIAL CONFIGURATION (For publisher and subscriber)
- Disable DNS references System->Servers->Hostname/IP-address change to IP
- Change FQDN references to CUCM IP (if you've decided to not use DNS) System->Enterprise Parameters->URL Authentication etc.
- Set an NTP server Settings->NTP Servers
- System->Service Parameters->Cisco Callmanager->T302=6000
- System->Service Parameters->Cisco Callmanager->CDR Enabled Flag=True
- Enable CUCM Service: Cisco Unified Serviceability->Tools->Service Activation->CiscoCallmanager
- Enable tftp service: Cisco tftp
- Enable Media Resources service: Cisco Unified Serviceability->Tools->Service Activation->Cisco IP Voice Media Streaming App)
- Enable BAT services (if needed): Cisco Unified Serviceability->Tools->Service Activation->Cisco Bulk Provisioning Service+Cisco TAPS Service+Cisco AXL Web Service

4) Basic configuration (System->Cisco Unified CM Group)
Configure CUCM group
- CUCM group name
- Add all CUCM members to the group
- System->Phone NTP Reference
- Configure Date/Time group (System->Date/Time group)
- Configure Regions (System->Regiondir)

5) Configure SRST (optional)
- System->SRST

6) Configure MRGL
- Media Resources->Media Resource Group-> Add new "Software MRG"->add CUCMs
- Media Resources->Media Resource Group List

7) Configure Physical Location (optional)
- System->Physical Location

8) Configure Device Pool (System->Device Pool):
- device pool name
- CUCM group
- date-time
- region
- create regions
- set codec
- softkey tempate

9) Configure Partitions (Who can call you)
- Local
- IPT-peers (Branches, HQ etc.)
- PSTN-Local
- PSTN Long Distance and Mobile
- PSTN International

10)Configure Calling Search Spaces (who you can call to)
- Unrestricted
- Restricted_IP_LD
- Restricted_IP_FREE

11) Configure Basic Device profiles
- Device->Device Settings->Common Device Configuration
- Device->Device Settings->Softkey Templates->Configure Softkey Layout->GO

12)Configure Autoregistration (optional)
- Set default Device Pool (Device->Device Settings->Device Defaults)
- Enable Autoregistration (System->Cisco Unified CM)

13) Configure Phone
- Plug phone to the LAN
- Add manually or use autoconfiguration
- Lock PC Port (public places)
- Lock settings button (Restricted recommended)
- PC Voice VLAN Access (Disabled)
- Phone Web Browser

14) Add Conference Bridge and Hardware Media Resources
- Configure Voice Gateway according to Appendix A.
- Media resources->Conference Bridges-Add New
- Add new "Hardware MRG" with Voice Gateway in it. Add "Hardware MRG" above "software MRG" in Media Resources->Media Resource Group List

15) Add MGCP voice gateway for PSTN calls
- Device->Add Gateway choose MGCP and hostname.domainname for VG
- Configure VG:
ccm-manager config server
ccm-manager config
- Configure modules and ports
- Add ports to Route Group
- Add RG to Route List
- Add Route Pattern with references to RL, Calling Search Spaces

16)LDAP Synchronization (Just for Owner Id)
LDAP Account for CUCM
LDAP User search base (OUs - ou=Domain User,dc=domain,dc=local)
LDAP Servers IP

- Cisco Unified Serviceability-> Tools->Service Activation->Cisco DirSync
- System->LDAP->LDAP System->LDAP Server Type
- System->LDAP->LDAP Directory->Add Directory

17)LDAP Authentication (for /ccmuser URL)
- System->LDAP->LDAP->LDAP Authentication->Add New
- Add users to group 'CUCM Standard End Users'

18) Route Plans
Configure route plans according to your setup.

19) More, more, more
Dive as deep as you wish :)

APPENDIX A: Gateway configuration
voice-card 0
dsp services dspfarm
sccp local Port-channel1
sccp ccm identifier 1 version 5
sccp ccm identifier 3 version 5
sccp ccm group 1
associate ccm 1 priority 1
associate ccm 3 priority 3
associate profile 1 register cisco-voice01
bind interface Port-channel1
dspfarm profile 1 conference
codec g711ulaw
codec g711alaw
codec g729br8
maximum sessions 3
associate application SCCP
no shutdown
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